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Lady April is a gifted encourager by nature. She is a woman concerned about the well-being of people and has become an inspirational role model for many. Her first ministry is to her husband and their children. Lady April enjoys serving as a helpmeet to her husband's vision of ministry and strives to join him in his efforts to please God. 


When you meet her, you will know that there is something very special about her. Her vibrant personality literally lights up an entire room and her presence is warm and inviting. Lady April is more than a pastor's wife; she is a model mentor, life coach, and motivational speaker. Indeed, she is dynamic! Not only does she possess the years of skill and knowledge to put together a plan of action and execute it; she also possesses the qualities to convince  you to BELIEVE in your intuitive genius, TRUST your pro-active decisions, and LIVE your life as if you've already arrived, precisely where you want to be.


With that, she stepped out on faith to focus her talent on preparing youth for success and challenging adults to tap into their inner passion. Lady April’s quest for purpose led her to establish Alternative Solutions for Women (ASW) – a non-profit agency designed to empower young girls and women ages 8 - 24 to be leaders. Since its inception, ASW has served over 3600 girls through various interactive workshops ranging from health and education to finance and self development. Being given the mandate to empower women for God, First Lady Hawkins founded Flint Inner City Ministry, which ministers to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of inner city women in the body of Christ.  She believes that in order to serve God, we must also learn to become transparent and willing servants to one another.. Her belief as a First Lady is to be more than the woman who sits in the pew. She said, "God didn't invite me into this role to sit, he invited me to serve."


She is a native of Chicago, IL. She holds an Associates in Human Service and a Bachelors' in Psychology. She is also the President of the Flint Community Take-Back "Stop the Violence" Committee, board member of Women's March on Washington - Michigan, board member of Unite Flint Campaign, Organizer for Flint for Justice, Organizer for Women's March on Washington - Flint/Genesee, Hip Hop Caucus, The National Association of Professional Women, and Organizer for March for Our Lives-Michigan.


Lady April lives by the motto: “You are not obligated to win, you are obligated to keep trying!”